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Prevent Future Issues With Your Electrical Panels

We provide panel replacement services in Elk Grove, Palatine, Schaumburg & Arlington Heights, IL

f left unchecked, issues with your electrical panels or subpanels can be a dangerous liability. That's why Max Electric LLC offers panel and subpanel replacement services in the Elk Grove, Palatine, Schaumburg & Arlington Heights, IL area. We can install and replace new fuse boxes, circuit breakers and more to ensure your system is safe and running correctly.

Call 847-885-8001 today to learn more about our subpanel and panel replacement services for your home or business.

When should you replace your panels?

Though a well-maintained electrical panel can last for up to 30 years, there are a variety of signs that your system may be about to fail. Contact us for panel replacements if you notice:

  • Buzzing sounds
  • Burning plastic smells
  • Crackling noises
  • Rust or visible wear
  • Water damage

If any of these are present in your system, contact us now for fast and efficient subpanel replacement services.